Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Bromance

The other day at lunch I was bouncing Finn while Will ate his food, and I "walked" the baby toward Will and chirped "Brother!" as their faces were about to meet. Both boys got a kick out of it, but I went to change Finn and forgot about it until a few minutes later when Will called from his high chair:


"More what?" I asked, expecting him to say pineapple or raisins or milk or even Mommy.

"More! Brother!"

So, Dave and I decided to give him as much brother as he could possibly want, and the boys took their first joint bath. I'm sure Mark and Bee will be happy to see that neither Will nor Finn is wearing a shirt this time!

As Finn's personality emerges, the boys are enjoying each other more and more every day. On Thursday, Will spontaneously kissed Finn over and over--I may be projecting, but it looked like he was starting to realize what an asset this little brother might turn out to be--a loyal subject for His Royal Highness, if you will.

I'm so lucky I get to be here to witness it all unfolding.


Bee said...

Glad to see the second time around Dave has learned kids get even cleaner when not wearing clothes in the tub! I cannot wait to meet Finn and see Will again!! September cant come quick enough!

Swistle said...


Anonymous said...

Is it true Dave was in the nude as well?