Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Day at Fenway, V2.0

I told Dave he's an official "ex-Yankee fan" today. Seriously, he's been in Boston for almost fifteen years now, and he's been to WAY more Sox games than Yankee ones. Plus, for the second year in a row, he's attended Northeastern's annual Fenway Family Day with his two sons. That's some serious Red Sox Nation membership he's got going on.

Will got a spray tattoo again this year. He also played tee-ball, ran in the stands with his friend Kate, ate a cheeseburger and jammed with the live band. 

Our friend Mo got the boys a toy Wally a few days ago, so I kept telling Will we were meeting "the REAL Wally." He high-fived this living, breathing Green Monster but didn't want to hug him.

The boys' first ever Cracker Jack moment!

Finny: "How many can I jam into my mouth at once?
Whatever, who has time to count? Snarf, chomp, etc."

Excuse my pitiful rendition, but Will had me do this so many times on the way home, and I loved the way he filled in the words. This is obviously our Boston-centric version of the song:

I really hope this continues as a family tradition.

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Kerry Mahoney said...

Love these pictures! One of these years I hope to join you there. Waiting till I have a kid of my own to bring there...