Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer's Here!

It all started when Will got his summer haircut:

We knew the season was (almost) upon us!

So we got Mamp on board and headed to Ward's Berry Farm
for some strawberry-picking...and goat-feeding.

Thanks to Will's (Dave's) tireless work,
we came home with quite a haul.
(Finn just kept eating the berries as he picked them.)

When life gives you strawberries,

This weekend, we celebrated our first true-blue hometown July 4th! the middle of it all, we escaped to the beach with Auntie Lo:

and buried our feet (not our heads) in the sand.

We came home to finish the weekend with more fun:
pony rides, face-painting, cotton candy,
and the big parade on Monday morning.

Will and Finn get along so well these days.
The other day, Will told me, "I like it when Finny's awake!"
And today he described where he and Finny will sleep
when they share a room again.

In between the field trips and holidays,
there's camp (see above),
and playdates (see below)...

...both of which result in flat-out exhaustion:

We try to make room for some downtime
(or at least watch someone else relax):

and that's fun, too.

Happy summer!

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