Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So I Have This Baby Girl

She gave me a run for my money early on, what with the marathon labor and the acid reflux and the lip tie. But she was sleeping seven hours overnight at seven weeks, and ten hours before she hit three months, and most remarkably, from the moment we thought "Maybe she can put herself to sleep," and tried it, she has done exactly that.

I know a few people who have babies with this talent, but I've never had the pleasure. And it is truly a pleasure. Even now, after witnessing it with mine own eyes a hundred times--when I see her on the monitor sleeping peacefully mere seconds after I left her awake! And alone!, I am shocked.

My boys are good sleepers. Will has hit the occasional period of bedtime stalling or nap-skipping; Finn still whines in the early morning, maybe every other night, requiring a parent to come pull his blankets back up. But they're both able to put themselves to sleep swiftly and soundly, and I'm grateful for it. I just didn't think their little sister would be falling in line so soon.

The sleepy trio

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Grandpop said...

Look at those beautiful children!!

They are very happy to see.