Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And, Naturally, Your Daily Finn

"I-L-N spells...pee-pee." Finn looked up from his pen and paper and shot me a mischievous look. I'd normally respond with "No potty talk, please," but today (after reading a scary and very informative article, which this less scary article sums up) I wanted to make sure they knew the real word for the private part in question.

"Did you guys know it's not actually called a pee-pee? It's called a penis," I said bluntly.

They both looked up at me, grinning conspiratorially as if I must be joking.

"Naw!" Finny shook his head at me, smiling, and turned his attention back to peeling truck stickers out of his activity book. Will laughed, still holding my gaze with a quizzical expression.

"Guys, I'm serious. It's really called a penis! That's the real name for it."

Will giggled. "Peeeee-nis?" he said, skeptically. They both chuckled, and Finny again shook his head dismissively and went back to his sticker book--then he added in an authoritative tone, "No, issnot PE-nis. Iss Jupiter!"

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Jan said...

When he said "Jupiter," maybe Finny was thinking of Uranus (subject of many a schoolboy joke for centuries now).