Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Daily Will

I was looking for my phone today (spoiler alert: it was in the fridge*) and the boys were patiently waiting outside for me to take them on our walk. When I came outside, Will said "Mom, Finn and I were talking about the clouds, the trees, the ants and spiders, the boys who just pulled up across the street, and our neighbor's house."

"Oh!" I said. "And what were you saying about the clouds?"

"I was saying that we see the clouds moving slowly across the sky, but they're actually moving really fast, we just can't see it because they're so far away."

"Yeah, you're right. Wow, you know a lot about that, buddy!"

"Yeah, I do," he agreed, starting to skip alongside me. "Because I'm really smart about that."

* My old excuse was "baby brain" and my new one is "Parent Talk Sale brain." Hopefully this mental glitch will be resolved after next weekend's sale!

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