Friday, August 16, 2013

Philly Noons Visit!

 Uncle John had a conference in Boston a few weeks ago, so Aunt Jean brought her own three plus a bonus cousin: Jenna! Uncle John was super busy but managed to come for dinner the first night:

This was a 4.5-years-later retake of the original Brothers and their (Firstborn) Boys photo:

Emma and Bridget (who is about nine months younger than her cousin) were very cute together. Emma kept calling her "Bridgie."

Megan and Michael also got along great with both Will and Finn:

The highlight of their visit was our trip to the zoo; everyone had a great time.

Jenna was as wonderful and helpful as ever--she was born with the affable, great-with-kids gene (and she gets more beautiful by the hour):

Bridget loved the zoo as much as everyone else. The only time she cried was when the carousel ride was over--the horror!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see everyone together. We can feel the love from NJ.