Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finn's Fourth!

This fine fellow turned four this month!

Favorite sports: Soccer, basketball, hockey, football, running around like a hooligan
Favorite TV: Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Scout & Friends
Favorite movies: The Lion King, Ice Age, Madagascar, Tangled!

 Favorite foods: Pizza, "bunny carrots" (whole ones that look like they just came out of the ground), pears, peanut butter and jelly, and the Trader Joe's version of pirate's booty 
("Because it's made out of BOOTIES!" he told me yesterday, hysterically laughing.)

Favorite teams: The Boston Bruins, the Denver Broncos (sighhhhh), the New England Patriots, the BC Eagles, the New York Rangers (???)
Favorite books: Anything related to Star Wars, Australian animals or knights (he has eclectic tastes)

1 comment:

Kerry Mahoney said...

Seriously 4 already, Finn? Where has the time gone?! Hope it was a happy birthday!!