Saturday, February 8, 2014

Christmas 2013 (Yes, I'm posting all out of order)

A new tradition: the Christmas Eve gift;
this year it was a Playmobil nativity set that we just now (in February) put away.

Dave and the boys stumbled upon this pretty symmetrical gem of a tree
at Volante Farms even though they were about two weeks late to the tree-shopping party--score!

Holy stockings, Batman!

The Christmas morning tumble in front of the tree


A moment of silence as they all inhaled their chocolate...

Will's FAVORITE present of Christmas, his "Pound Puppies"
scarf from Santa

Finn asked for a snowboard and a sled;
Santa must've known he'd never been snowboarding before and got him a snowboard-sled combo to tide him over!

Bridgie's present from Santa was a giant teddy she now calls "the big hungry bear"
(after the book with the same name). She sleeps with it (under it?) every night.

Chocolatey smile
One of the best parts of Christmas with three basically coherent kids:
watching them watch each other open presents.
Bruins lunchbox

(These are figurines sold specifically to hook up to the video game but
as the boys aren't old enough for video games quite yet, they received them as action figures.)


Perhaps the most enjoyable present of the season was this playtunnel I purchased
for Bridget at the last minute.

Okay. So. Bridget climbed out of her crib for the first (and second and third) time while Dave and Anders were in the hospital together the week before Christmas. My makeshift solution was to heave her mattress onto the floor, but when Dave got home he converted her crib to a toddler bed. And then we gave Bridge a blanket to fit. Rewarding bad behavior? Hm, probably. Oh well.

A Husky for our half-Northeastern legacy kid

The Comenzos gave this headband and tutu set to Bridget when she was born.
They finally fit! 

Bridget got a new comb and brush set to keep those tangles in check.

Nan and Mamp arrived with a very cool addition to Bridget's new big girl bedroom
Here's Rachel, Matt, Bella and Joe
I'm posting a lot of pictures of Bridget, but she is just so smiley it's hard to resist.
Cousins! In matching PJs!
A more candid group shot
Oldest sister, youngest brother
Feeding her new baby doll from Auntie Rache
My sister gave this awesome tee-shirt to Dave. I still laugh when I see this picture.
(Even though I must point out that it is the WOMAN who really "makes" the twins. So if we're handing out gold stars...)

Christmas is exhaaaaaaaausting for Anders

Big boys holding babies
We strangely got no pictures of Nan and Mamp but I promise they were there, brightening spirits all over the place. It was a lovely first Christmas with our complete family of seven and the additional Freeman/Solman/Viola crew. We missed our Noon clan terribly, though, and hope we won't ever have to go another Christmas without seeing them. 


Kerry Mahoney said...

I love their PJ's! It looks like the kids had an awesome Christmas. Great pic of Will watching Bridget open her gift - so sweet!

The Welsien Family said...

LOVE these pictures!!!! What a joyous Christmas it seemed to be at your house!!!

John Noon said...

We missed you all at Christmas very much. We still have your gifts wrapped and ready to go.

Megan said...

Wonderful pictures! It's amazing seeing ALL those stockings on your mantle!