Saturday, December 20, 2014

Will's First Day of Kindergarten! (Just a little belated)

Back in September, Will started elementary school, and it has been awesome.

 He lucked out with great classmates, excellent teachers, and a routine that really works for him. His favorite days are Media (library) where he gets to borrow many books about various divisions of the NFL plus a couple about wild animals; PE, where he learns new obstacle-course-type games to play and recount to me; and yoga, where he practices poses he then shows off at home.

On his first day, though, he was a tiny bit nervous. He and I went out for a breakfast date beforehand:

And when he got off the bus that afternoon, he looked like this:

We celebrated with a schoolbus cupcake, and he has been 100% "on board" (sorry, I couldn't help myself) since.

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John Noon said...

What a special boy!