Friday, November 20, 2009

First Anniversary

In November of 2008, I met some women who would end up being very important to me, Will, and also, tangentially, Dave. In January, I met the next wave who would complete my moms' group...and what I like to think of as my own personal mental health team.

I have called these fellow mothers in tears; as recently as Wednesday (during playgroup), I have dissolved into random spurts of uncontrollable laughter with them; together, we have learned the art of picking up the thread of a conversation again and again after countless interruptions from our babies.

Ceci, Inger, Mo, Nikki, Susan (as seen in the top two photos): Thank you for being girls after my own heart. Thank you for giving Will five mind-blowingly awesome friends. Thank you for keeping me entertained and supporting me through Will's first year and my second pregnancy.

Husbands (as seen in the bottom photo, obviously) of Ceci, Inger, Mo, Nikki, Susan: Thank you for marrying such cool ladies and spawning such fabulous kids. Seriously, guys. You done good.

: When Ceci's hubby commented that "the babies look so much happier with the dads!" she reminded him that she had been making clown faces and silly noises to amuse them during the father-baby photo, whereas when it was the dads' turn to make fools out of themselves...not so much.


Anonymous said...

Is there any group shot over the last year where Ryan is not either a) stunned or b) terrified by the volume of the crowd?

And back at you and Will (and your Dave).


Anonymous said...

Well, this is certainly an honor, for our family to be in the Noon blog! Joanna and Will, you've given me the same support and love and for that we are so thankful! We will always be up for any actvity you guys call about - now or after 1/18/10! Happy Thanksgiving! -Ceci