Monday, November 16, 2009

First Birthday with the Jersey Crew

You might consider this post a "retrospective"...we celebrated Will's first birthday in New Jersey a full two days before his actual b-day, so if you're doing the math, that means this blog entry is a month and a half in the making.


We had no good pictures of Will's party--too busy helping him open presents and enjoying our family, I guess--but Grandmom and Grandpop luckily sent some our way. Here is the Noon clan celebrating at the end of September.

The cake was a true masterpiece, the party was full of fun and love, and the whole weekend...well, we're just glad we get to go back and see everyone in a week!

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Bee said...

I love his birthday boy shirt! You also inspired me to update my blog with all the stuff I forgot to put up in the last month. Give him kisses from us!