Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finn at Seven Months

Finn's seventh month was a big deal in a way I don't remember Will's being. I think because I stared at Will all day, every day, his big milestones stand out: sitting up at five months, crawling at seven months, cruising at eight, teeth, babbling, walking, talking...

Months 0-2 of Finn's life were all about Adventures in Breastfeeding and juggling two babies' needs. Months 3-6 were the Baby As Accessory era, in which I strapped Finn onto my chest and took him with me to all of Will's activities. And then, as his six-month birthday came and went, we all went to Ohio to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday.

And we watched as Finn's brain came online, just like that.

First, he started babbling. (Footage to come--that particular video isn't uploading right now.)

Then he took his first dip in the pool and, as we know from his love of the bathtub, he's a natural swimmer.

He claps when he sits up from a crawling position, and because we always cheer and say "Yay!" he is now clapping whenever he hears anyone say "Yay" about ANYTHING.

He splashes on command. He stands in his crib, pulls up on the couch, and only wants to move--just like his big brother.

At 22 and 7 months, respectively, these guys get along so well and love each other so much, it's crazy. I'm grateful for it, and I hope it continues always--the horseplay, the laughter, the hand-holding at lunch (oh yes, there's spontaneous hand-holding).

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the video of the brothers hugging!!! So cute, I'm so glad they get along so well! I hope it continues too!!!

And more generally I love the recent use of more video on the Boston Noon News blog! Keep it up!!