Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Situation on the Shore

...is that Finny has his third tooth! And it is not even one of the front ones--it is the one NEXT to his left front tooth (I have no idea what it's called--I know front teeth, eyeteeth and molars, and I know that some are called incisors but I'm not sure if they're next to molars or not). Anyway, he had seemed like he was teething (continuously) due to the drool and the chewing and the pacifier love, but since his bottom fronts are in, we assumed the top fronts would be next and didn't check the rest of his gums. Today I idly ran a finger across the roof of his mouth, and holy cow! There was a ridge emerging, so I flipped up his lip and there was a perfectly obvious white tooth. It had fully broken through.

I don't know why I'm writing so much about this tooth. Perhaps it's because Finn now has THREE teeth, whereas at 7.5 months, Will had ZERO. And we all know how much I like evidence backing up my groundbreaking theory that DIFFERENT CHILDREN ARE DIFFERENT.

I'm done now.

PS-Our week at the Shore is nothing but awesome. We have been "GTL all day, baby"; that is, if by Gym you mean "one run into town followed by an offensive amount of eating," Tan you mean "burn in weird patches," and Laundry you mean...well, laundry.