Monday, August 9, 2010

Mobile: Not Just a City in Alabama

A month ago, Finn began to lurch awkwardly around. He could thrust himself backward using his arms, and he could rise on feet and hands and then FLOP! He could roll across a room--but he was not yet crawling, and for that I vowed to be thankful until the day it wasn't true anymore.

It's not true anymore. His flops became more coordinated, and he developed an army crawl that allowed him to slow-mo, and as of today the kid can CRAWL. I-see-what-I-want-and-now-I'll-go-get-it, full-on forward motion, crawl.

I am exhausted just watching him, since I can only imagine (in terror) what having two mobile kids will bring to my already-overflowing table. At the same time, of course, I'm grudgingly admiring. And then there's the "How is Finn almost seven months already?" time-lapse alarm going off in my brain.

Nonetheless, congratulations, Finny! I hope you'll always be as determined to get what you want as you are today. (Just not at three in the morning anymore, if you can help it, mmkay?)

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