Friday, May 25, 2012

All Hail Antacids!

Bridget is suddenly an all-around happy baby! She has slept eight or nine hours in a row since last weekend (before that it was seven--still great, but this takes the cake), and better yet, she is cheerful when she's awake. Some of this might be due to the rapidly approaching twelve-week mark; I remember Will getting easier then, too, and Bridget reminds me a lot of Will as a baby. But we're also somewhat in debt to a handy-dandy $2 fix I like to call The Holy Grail of Infant Medicine: the Almighty Zantac.

Behold the magic:

We resisted asking for the prescription because Bridget was sleeping well, and the spitting up wasn't too terrible. But at the start of the week she wasn't settling in the Baby Bjorn the way she had been, and the spitting up had become bothersome. So I requested the Zantac, and she's honestly a different baby. Her daily spit-up count has gone from maybe eight to three. She actually enjoys her bouncy seat, and she's ALWAYS smiling, cooing and laughing. Dave finally feels like he can get to know his daughter because she's not constantly draped over or snuggled up to me. 

Of course, by the end of Bridget's first week of true Awesome Baby status, I'm already jonesing for full nights of eleven or twelve hours in her crib and for her to suddenly go to sleep on her own. I'm wondering when we can/should take the pacifier away, and planning to review the Ferber method. So I have to remind myself to take baby steps here and enjoy this feeling of relief and gratitude before setting the bar even higher for my little two-month-old and her overtaxed parents.


Grandpop said...

It's great to see Bridget so happy. We can feel the relief all the way in NJ.


Kerry Mahoney said...

Oh, I am so happy to see this! The photos in this post even caught Christian's eye and he's not a blog kind of guy. She looks adorable and I can't wait to stop in and give her a hug!