Wednesday, December 5, 2012

October, including Halloween, 2012

Oops, just realized I haven't posted pictures of the boys since September. Niiiiiice. (I'm sorry, boys! I love you as much as ever!) Here are a bunch of October moments:

Auntie Rache and Bella dropped off Will's birthday present: a plasma car!

The boys play barbershop, and I'm their victim client!

 Grandmom and Grandpop visit

Playing at DeFazio with Will's sister-wife Abby

This guy loves his baby sister

Ah, back in the days when Bridgie liked the Jumperoo...
Bridget and one of her faves, Auntie Julie
The first (very minor) snowfall warranted our first hot cocoa of the season
 The Parent Talk Fall Sale!!!

In vino, sanity

Halloween cookie bars, yum

Baby's 1st Halloween

Finn was Lightning McQueen for school

He switched to Spidey for trick-or-treating; Will was Batman, and Bridget was a hand-me-down jack o'lantern
The babies (Bridget, born in March, Nicolas, born in May, and Gracie, born in February)
 Jack, Finn, Will, Connor and Riley
Almost all the kiddos at Mindy and Bryan's
Jack (fireman), Will (um, Bruce Wayne?), and Connor (Buzz Lightyear)

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