Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Wonder It's a 2.99 Rental

Why did I think I could handle watching Marley & Me? Everyone told me they'd cried watching it. How did I think I of all people would survive it? Maybe I thought I'd cry those bittersweet tears, the this-is-sad-but-he-had-a-good-life cry? And Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, they're funny people. They'd never break my heart. Right?

Soooooo wrong.

Dave is finishing the movie right now. I left when Marley's stomach twisted for the second time, and I am now sitting in our freshly painted office, peering at the computer screen through swollen eyelids. I feel ridiculous...but not ridiculous enough to go into the living room for the final scenes.

Wait, I think I hear the credits. (And maybe the sound of my husband blowing his nose, but I'm not sure he'll ever confess to it.)

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The Welsien Family said...

J, this is so funny that you posted this. This week while K was away I got a bunch of movies, and the first one I watched on Tuesday night was Marley & Me. I would have been a mess regularly I'm sure, but totally alone in this country with a baby and still hormonal from breastfeeding...holy schnikes! Not a good idea! It took awhile to get over. Seriously. I totally empathize with you! xo.