Monday, May 18, 2009

What's the Difference Between Lawyers and Infants?


(Get it? Like, potty? I know, it's too good. My comic genius overwhelms you. Control yourself.)

Another difference is that lawyers have to spend three years working incredibly hard and learning all about trusts, torts, criminal and constitutional laws...while infants, in my limited experience, prefer climbing on my leg, chewing my jeans, and losing their minds at the injustice of being placed in a stroller for nine to ten seconds.
So I got to spend the weekend not being climbed and chewed on (thanks, Dave!) and instead enjoying my sister's graduation fesitivities, including a Barrister's Ball and a party downtown and of course the graduation itself followed by a family lunch. I had the most fun at the ball because I got to hang out with my sister's friends of the legal persuasion (Hi, Jessie!) and play who-looks-like-they're-dressed-for-senior-prom (with Jessie) and also talk about my weak-kneed appreciation for the South African accent (with Jessie's boyfriend).*

Above: my sister and the rest of her class just before receiving their J.D. degrees!

...and that's Rachel processing in before the ceremony.

We bought those Suffolk Law shirts to surprise my sister with a grand visual. Unfortunately, they had about four shirts left in random sizes, so we bought what we could. Oh, and then they came in very handy during the very chilly ceremony (in an outdoor pavilion).

See above for our feeble attempt to get Mamp and the three grandkids in a picture together. They don't call me a mediocre photographer for nothing, my friends.

Will was fascinated by his big cousins, as usual. He loves to watch Joe do pretty much anything, and he thinks it's hilarious when Bella plays with his hands and cheeks.

We got to spend time with Mimi, Maddie, Nonna and Poppa as well (that's a lot of extended grandparents for Will, lucky us!), and my sister's wonderful au pair Marina was there to cuddle with Will before she says goodbye and moves to the Midwest this month. (That part's unlucky for all of us.)


*Yes, you're exactly right, most of the paragraph was just an elongated shout-out to Jessie, who loves Smartfood and history and is not, contrary to common belief, a ninety-year-old woman. She just likes the quiet life is all!

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Kerry Mahoney said...

Ok, I admit I stole some Smartfood from your kitchen on Saturday. It was calling me! I forgot how much I love that stuff.

And I love the look Will is giving your father... total skepticism!