Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding in the Bend

I cried three times during Erin and Matt's wedding ceremony. 

The first was when we lined the altar and watched Erin process in with her father. She looked stunning even through the tears. Maybe even because of the tears? Anyway, those tears were contagious.

The second was when we stood up beside them as they said their vows. Yeah, yeah, Erin was crying again, and I was gracelessly craning my neck around the other bridesmaids to watch the ring exchange, so I may have brought that one on myself. 

The third was when I walked up to receive communion from Erin, who was acting as a eucharistic minister. (Directly after my tearful, "Amen," I ran to the conveniently located bathroom and scurried back just in time to watch Dave bringing Will up to the altar, Erin smiling and tickling Will's toes, and Will promptly bursting into his own first tears of the ceremony. C'est la vie.)

(Even still, extra thanks to Erin and Matt for letting kids of the wedding party attend the festivities. I love that Will can always say his first wedding was Auntie Erin's.)

Without further blah blah blah, here are some of Kim's photos of the weekend:

The couple on their last night of prewedded bliss, following the rehearsal.
If I remember correctly, as this picture was snapped, Matt was giving us a lesson on the nearby statue of a Notre Dame alum whose nickname was "Faircatch." Matt's love for his alma mater is palpable.

Erin and her bridal party.
We all laughed when Kim handed off her point-and-click to the professional photographer's assistant and asked her to take some pictures. "Classic Kim," we chuckled. But guess what? That assistant was good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! She made the bridesmaids move furniture around for the photos while she just stood there...and one of us (poor Tina) had to hold that aluminum light reflector thingy up for about an hour. So in retrospect, Kim had the right idea.

Posing with the bride at Corby's after the ceremony.
This was Matt's favorite college bar...and he's a bit of a celebrity there, to be honest. The limo stopped there in between the ceremony and the cocktail hour so the happy couple and wedding party could relax before the reception. (Greatest. Idea. In Wedding History.) 
By the way, prior to the rehearsal, Erin had gifted her 'maids with the pearl earrings and necklace you see here. Not only did the jewelry go perfectly with our gowns, but it made me feel a little like Jackie O.

The handsome and beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick.
The End.

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Beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaid!