Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chatty Charlie

Will's new favorite words (his own spin on them, of course):


His new favorite signs:


*When Dave saw Will signing"where," which consists of wagging your finger back and forth, he asked "Who kept saying NO to Will today?"

Will's new favorite things:
  • any first birthday cards with dogs or Cookie Monster on the cover
  • the lifelike stuffed beagle toy I purchased, of which Dave is afraid because "its eyes look possessed"
  • flowers--specifically, sniffing them and saying "Ahhhhh"
  • pulling all his clean clothes out of the closet and throwing them in his hamper
  • pulling all our dirty clothes out of the hamper and onto the floor
  • pulling our socks out of our drawers and then receiving applause for putting them "Back IN"
Will's new favorite book:

OK, this one is a story in itself. I went to the religious kids' book section to get some appropriate reading material to distract/engage Will at church. While perusing a couple of cute children's prayer books, Will grabbed a board book called "Jesus Loves Me" off the shelves and proceeded to tear off the corner with his teeth. It was what you would call a forced purchase.

However, the book is actually very cute. It features a bear family (mom, dad, baby bear), which is Will's favorite kind of family, picture-wise, and the illustrations are nicely drawn. There's a lot of repetition in the actual text of the book (can you guess what keeps getting repeated? Hint: it's in the title), but overall I think Will chose (chewed?) this book wisely.


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Anonymous said...

As long as will doesn't pull his clothes out of the hamper and wear them to his sons christening you'll be fine. Right Dave??