Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Holiday

As previously mentioned, we spent the first weekend in October visiting the Powers in Florida. It was our last aerial escape before baby two arrives in January. Bee took the photos of the kids wearing their signature shirts, but I did manage to get a great close-up of sleeping baby Connor in his Dad's arms:

Also previously noted: Will's enjoyment of the Powers' pool:

Mark can easily cradle the baby in one arm--how cute is that? Mom was busy keeping Connor protected from the high-eighties sunshine. I have to admit, Bianica is a much cooler cucumber than I was with a two-month-old. She is a natural.
The flights there and back were happily uneventful. I know we are lucky to have a kid who is, despite being on-the-go at all times, supremely good-natured. However, I think the luckiest part of our travels so far are the people we meet in airports and on planes. On our trip back to Boston, we sat across from a former flight attendant (she'd flown for 38 years!) who coaxed us to use the seats next to her as a changing table for Will.

"Are you sure?" I asked skeptically.

"Oh, please, I have six grandsons," she scoffed. Get this: she even dangled toys over his head to distract him while I whipped through the diaper change. I was blown away by her thoughtfulness.

We also were whisked through the "requires special help" line at security (although that may have been some sort of backhanded compliment), and passengers seated in front of and behind us were craning to see/praise/amuse Will on both flights.

I know I probably sound like an annoying Miss Polly Sunshine, but I want to remember these good experiences--and particularly the good samaritans--in case our luck doesn't last much longer.

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