Monday, October 19, 2009

Partner in Pregnancy

I can't tell you how excited I was when our friend Aimee announced she was pregnant back in June. Our due dates are 3 weeks, 2 days apart (hers is the day after Christmas), and what that means to me is that stuff like:
  • two-week checkups at the pediatrician
  • finding out whether your baby likes or dislikes the bouncy seat
  • discussing weird rashes and baby acne
  • getting through the day when you have a winter baby in New England
and other miscellaneous topics that are SO DULL to everyone else will actually be exciting to her--and vice versa. (If not exciting, at least tolerable to hear about.)

The kicker is, we live relatively close to one another. I've already promised (warned) her that I will be at her doorstep over the Christmas holiday to deliver meals and generally pamper her. After all, I'll still be in nesting mode with almost a month to go, Dave will be home for a few days at least, and we'll be missing our family in New Jersey. What better way to distract ourselves than helping out (imposing) at Aimee and TJ's?

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