Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where There's a Will

The more confident I feel in my role as a mom of two, and as a mom of Finn, and the more I recognize how fluid my parenting experience is the second time around, the greater (exponentially greater) I appreciate this guy:

How many toddlers does it take to screw in a...screw, with a fake screwdriver?
(Answer: Only one, if he's a highly motivated wannabe handyman, dexterous with his toy "crew-drivuh!" and blessed with an eye for "crews!")

See, I'm impressed that Will survived our inept first-time parenting, and furthermore, I'm in awe at the son and big brother he became--sometimes because of, sometimes despite our best efforts. I mean, the kid's a natural:

Will's big into buckling these days--his carseat, his booster seat, his brother's swing. He also likes to feed everyone in his family, including the everpresent Elmo.

He's my big eater, my happy guy, my dog-lover, my hug-and-kisser, my nonstop talker, my first born, my sweet baby boy. I love him so much it seems impossible sometimes.

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