Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Want to Hold Your Hand...

We're getting ready for Finn's christening and trying to sell our condo and enduring some weird spring allergy symptoms and doing A MILLION other things that prevent us from checking in here.

All of this is going on and more--most of it wonderful, some of it still too new to share (no, I am NOT pregnant again, Mom)--but I did want to post this photo from last Friday. The boys and I showed up at the park and I immediately began nursing, so Auntie Ceci came over to get Will. I heard Ceci reminding Connor and Will to hold her hand while crossing the street, but as you can see, they ended up holding on to each other's. Even when their feet hit the grass, they held on.

Not everyone gets to make friends this early in life. Not everyone has a collection of surrogate moms and brothers and sisters and dads who feel safe to him, familiar. Not everyone can say he knew his friends practically since birth, but my son can, and I appreciate how lucky that is. Will does, too; he just doesn't know it yet.


Anonymous said...

It really was cute! They are good buddies!


Kerry Mahoney said...