Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yummy and Cute

What I learned at Finn's four-month appointment:

1. "Doc-tor Ger-ble* is nice," according to Will.

2. Dr. Gerble uses his stethoscope to "lis-sen. Finn. Har-beat," also according to Will. (The doc gave him two Bob the Builder stickers for being so clever.)

3. My next child will be 15 lbs., 8 oz. and 24.75 inches at his/her four-month visit, because Finn's measurements today were exactly what I predicted for Will way back in January of 2009. Do you see how this works?

4. (In other words, Finn was 16 lbs. even and 25.5 inches long. Same weight as his brother at this age and he has half an inch on him. 75th %ile in both height and chub.)

* Not our doctor's real name, because apparently I think that there are scads of internet stalkers out to track down my children's pediatrician. Paranoia, thy name is motherhood.

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Bee said...

This is too adorable! I love the baby giggles!