Sunday, October 3, 2010

Newsflash: Will Turned Two & The Twins Are Here!

Will's second birthday was awesome. I stole an idea from my good friend Susan, whose daughter is five days older than Will, and documented the whole day with photos. I may have gone a little guerrilla (Thirteen pictures of Will in a swing at MyGym! Now fourteen!), but it was worth it. I'll share the pictures in a slideshow someday soon.

But the birthdays I want to talk about now are those of my brand-new "niece" and "nephew" (hey, it counts as long as their older brother calls us Auntie Joanna and Uncle Dave, right??):

(The beautiful Riley is on the left; her snuggly brother Brendan is on the right.)

On the night of their birthday, during my first visit, I said to Ceci, "They look like boy/girl versions of each other!"

To her credit, Ceci calmly replied, "Yeah, I...think they're supposed to." Because of them being, you know, twins and all.

They are insanely cute and delicious, and even nine days later they look SO much bigger. Congratulations, Ceci, Paul and Connor! I couldn't fathom that your family might be more adorable than it already was, but you've proved me wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks Auntie Joanna!