Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You, Finny!

An hour and a half of napping this morning, 70 minutes and counting this afternoon, happy consumption of chicken/green bean/carrot/prune casserole at lunch, gales of laughter with every kiss on his nose and every game of (mostly inadvertent)'s been a good day.

And so I don't forget: another difference between the boys that's been striking lately is the way they take in the world. Will was so furiously tactile; we all remember how at about nine months he'd put his fingers on our faces, in our mouths every time we made a noise. It looked like he was trying to learn by feeling how we did it. Finny seems visual instead. He always seems to be puzzling things out, and he is ALWAYS watching. He's been more of an imitator (sticking out his tongue when we do, for instance) from the get-go than Will was, and Finn never wants us or any of his beloved toys out of his line of sight. Recently his constant attention to Big Brother has paid off in a lot of independent standing and deft manipulation of the toy drawers in the playroom. Oh boy.

But have I mentioned how cute he is? One look at that face and you'll understand why, nap or no nap, I'm madly in love.

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