Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Same, Also Different

I've written a few times here about these frequent "revelations" that Little Brother is a whole 'nother human being, separate from Big Brother. In the last few months, though, those "They're different!" moments have dwindled, while the "They really are brothers!" revelations have surged.

As with most things related to having children, their similarities can be wonderful and then sometimes really cruel.

Finn is now following in Will's foosteps when it comes to falling asleep in the car. It's GREAT when we're driving for at least thirty minutes but not more than forty-five; I can count on Finn to fall asleep and then stay asleep once we're parked in our garage (just like Will used to do), but I'm pretty sure I can also keep Will awake so he doesn't have a real-nap-ruining catnap.

Today we didn't go anywhere in the morning, and Finn's nap in the crib was painfully short--half an hour. I figured I'd get him up and really exhaust him for the afternoon nap. Nice try. Half an hour--and ending as I type this. Meanwhile, Will's been going down from 1-3:15 every day, but guess who woke up at 2:30 today? Unh-hunh.

The days of no plans PLUS no solid naps make me feel like a prisoner in my own life. I try to arrange the day around these boys, and then they refuse to be on a regular (Will) or any kind of (Finn) schedule. So I make the executive decision never to be so foolish again, to simply take them out in the car every day, all the time, whatever it takes--but I'm often thwarted there, too.

There is no sure thing, I know, and that's the biggest similarity of all. Both of these kids will be changing things up on me for the rest of their lives, and every day will be different. Some days, though, that's a tough pill to pop.

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