Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will's (Second) Second Birthday Party

This is the last batch of photos and then I promise I'm DONE blathering on about Will turning two, even though I still can't believe that's he's two. Two!

(Although I can kind of believe it when he says things to Finny like, "You are half-nakies, little man!" or gets on his pretend-phone to ask for a takeout salad, telling the person who's ostensibly writing down his order, "Anyway, we'll figure it out." (He then added, "Cookies?"))

Will celebrated his second b-day with a bunch of aunties and uncles and his Nan and Mamp and also his best buds (and their younger siblings). He had So Much Fun, and has been talking about it ever since.

Playgroup babies: The second batch (so far)
Natalie at 2.5m, Finny at 8.5m, Brendan and Riley at 2.5 weeks
Auntie Nikki with Baby Natalie
The birthday boy and his fans

The littlest Noon wanted to know where his cake was

I love you, man.
(Will and Connor)

I photo-bombed the Orrs. Classy.

A 3-D Thomas cake? Nothing better.
The cake was so good, it levitated
On this day, it was Thomas' face and not his engine
that was very useful (to Will, anyway).

Abby enjoying some Thomas cake

Will slipping into a Thomas-cake-induced
state of unconsciousness
Mamp, Will, Nan
Uncle Ryan, Dave and Finny, Rick (who?) and Kenley

"Abby, Finn's a younger man," Susan pointed out
after this (Finn-initiated) liplock occurred.

Auntie Melissa and her fiance Pete,
who was elevated to "Uncle" status when...
...he took at least some credit for this
Thomas Rock Quarry track and ramp set.

Auntie Ceci and Connor.
Yes, she had full-term twins two weeks ago. Really.

Auntie Lo, Auntie Alro (plus Brendan), Auntie Kerry

Reading his new "Trucks Go" book 

Not so sure about his conductor's cap

After the party, there's the after-party
FYI, Uncle Chris is in none of these photos because he was designated photographer--and did quite a nice job, might I add (LAUREN). Thanks, Chris! And thanks to everyone who made this day and every day of Will's life thus far so very over-the-top-with-joy happy.

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