Wednesday, April 18, 2012

February in Review (a lost post from March 3)

March came in like a lion here, albeit a very gentle lion--maybe a cub who's been declawed. In other words, it snowed lightly, school wasn't cancelled, and the winter continues to be absurdly mild.

Here's our February in review:

Dave, his parents and siblings at Uncle Bill's funeral reception

The boys hugging, then roughhousing, as usual...

We had a lovely visit from Auntie Jenny, Fiona and Mica (he's the dog):

Yep, Will still thinks he's of the canine persuasion.

Here was Valentine's Day:
Will made his "King Valentine" crown at preschool.

They proceeded to call themselves Baby Bunting
and take turns in the laundry basket:

They also took turns putting each other to bed
and giving goodnight kisses.

Here are my boys hiding in their box-cave because
"The bear's comin'! Hunters are comin'!"

In the middle of the month, Mindy had her beautiful baby girl:

The original Isis seven went out for dinner to celebrate Noon Baby #3;
the girls got these fantastic tee-shirts for Will and Finn.

 "Biggest Brother Will"

 "Big Brother Finn"

And here's Big Brother Finn in action,
"snuggling the New March Baby!" as he likes to say.

This baby is seriously lucky in the big brother department.

Happy start to March, everyone!

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