Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"How are the boys doing?"

This one was goofing around with me a few days before Bridget arrived.

And here he is carrying his Build-a-Bear puppy, Carl, in his shirt.

Also, knocking my metaphorical socks off with his architectural skills
(he built this entirely by himself--age three is full of these blown-away moments for me).

When the younger one's not busy studying every detail of his new baby sister...

...he's making butterflies at Miss Magda's toddler program, and, you know, eating.

Always eating. 
(Don't know what's up with Dave's scary eyes of doom.)

Together, they watch Cars 2 side-by-side.

They ride around in the infant tub
and pretend they're riding a train, 
or maybe they pay a visit to a friend:

 They're doing great.

They are great.

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Jan said...

They certainly are!