Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween & Happy 30th Birthday!

Dave and I spent Halloween with Bella and Joe for the third year in a row on Friday. This year, we brought their cousin, who is apparently a method actor:


Bella was a devil; Joe wore the mask from the movie Scream, even though he's never seen it (and probably won't for a decade or so):


Bella can't wait to baby-sit, and practiced by walking Will around the room:

How soon can you start, Bella?

Dave's big birthday present? Getting to wolf down sushi with his wife while Auntie Rache burped and soothed William in another room.

Just kidding...he also got an electric toothbrush. :-) Happy 30th, Dave! You're an oldie-but-goodie.

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Kristoffer & Lisa said...

J - I love the lion constume! Way Kenyan! Happy Belated 30th to Dave - he is SUCH a grown up these days :) xo, Lis