Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Months Young

On September 30, we brought Will home from the hospital. Mostly, he just liked to sleep on his dad.

Two months later, this kid is a real person! Well, almost:

(Dave didn't let me post the video of Will smiling and laughing because he--Dave--sounded "too goofy." When I figure out how to edit these videos, I'll post them here.)


Kristoffer & Lisa said...

I can't decide who is cuter - Will or Dave! Great videos!

Alina said...

ok, this is officially THE cutest thing ever. This just made my day and got me SO excited to see Judah w/ baby Viola!

Joanna said...

We can't wait to see you AND Judah with baby Viola! I think if you have a boy, we should bet on whether he or Will end up taller...and if you have a girl, we can set her up with Will. (Or is that weird since they are practically cousins?)