Saturday, November 22, 2008

We'll All Look Back at This and Laugh Someday

One of my favorite pastimes growing up was looking at photos of me as a baby (big shock, I know) as I was being held by various of my parents' friends. Even seven or ten years later, everything looked so dated. I used to giggle at the shaggy hair, the flared pants and the tight V-neck tee-shirts...and those were the men! They are of course forgiven as they had just emerged from one of the silliest fashion decades in centuries:

Exhibit A: Style in the 1760s

Without the wig holding him back, this guy would have a certain attraction, no?

Exhibit B: Style in the 1970s

There are no words. Especially for the poor guy on the right. The one with the pants. Or the guy next to him, who I'm pretty sure was the inspiration for the character of Fred in Scooby-Doo.

All this to say, our wonderful batch of friends (whom Will probably will refer to as "family friends" someday, which makes me feel as old as the textile mills that manufactured that first guy's outfit) has been coming by in waves over the last eight weeks to help take care of all three of us; meanwhile, we've managed to take some pictures to commemorate these special first moments with "parents' friends" so that Will can laugh at all of us someday. I can only hope we'll have the good sense to laugh along with him.

What? That was the style in 2008!

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