Monday, November 17, 2008


In the blogging world, November is National Blog Post Month, and those who participate agree to post an entry on their blog every day for the entire month. I'm definitely the kind of person who responds to a challenge, so I've decided to make the "month" of November 20-December 21 "National Noon Blog Post Month." That's right, I'm going to attempt a blog post per day from this Thursday through the week before Christmas (when things will probably get even more hectic and we'll be traveling).

Just to spell it out, so I have a contract to hold myself to, I'd like to figure out how to post video here so Fans of Will can see what he's been up to lately; I'll also be posting about other snippets of our life here, more so that we can remember what life is like in this moment than because you all will find it interesting, although perhaps a few of you might.

As for the William update: Right now, he's taunting me from the bouncy chair, flashing his easy smiles and almost-chuckles (his face lights up with a grin, he opens his mouth wide as if to laugh, but nothing comes out...poor baby) as if to say, "Yeah, sure, a post a if you could resist my many charms long enough to write even a paragraph!" He may be right, but I'll give it a try anyway.

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Kristoffer & Lisa said...

Hi there - I had no idea November was national blog post month so maybe I am not a true blogger. I will be very excited to read all your daily updates on life and Will though! Yay!