Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Growth Spurt Much?

7 pm: Falls asleep on Dad
9:30 pm: Mom and Dad wake him up to feed him 5.5 ounces, after which he falls asleep immediately
3:45 am: Wakes up and eats 4 ounces, goes right back to sleep 15 minutes later
8 am: Cheerfully wakes up and consumes another 5
9-10 am: Takes a nice little nap before we head to our last moms' group of the newborn phase (!!)
11 am: Another nap, this time in the carseat as class begins
11:30 am: Wakes up to glug 3.5 ounces, play with his little friends, and practice standing (his favorite thing to do)
1:30 pm: Fussing for another feeding...two bottles later, he's sent another 7 ounces down the hatch

Put another way: in the last 17 hours, Will has ingested 25 ounces, more than his usual 24-hour intake. And yes, he is sleeping again.

PS: In the interest of avoiding a jinx, let me add that I hope he is growing outlandishly and not coming down with yet another cold...

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