Friday, December 19, 2008

Playing Dress Up, the Noon Way

Here's the deal. All those style-related posts were making me so giddy that I started to become a touch obsessive. As in, I would read a comment and then call the commenter and ask them about another aspect of the hair/the makeup/the lashes/the bronzer, and then I would start planning a new follow-up post, and it all got a bit out of hand.

So I decided to move most of the beauty and style and gossip stuff elsewhere...specifically, to the Noon Guide blog. That way, here I can go on and on about Will and how he's almost twelve weeks old and still sleeps with his head at a ninety-degree angle from his shoulders, and I can conduct an extensive cost-benefit analysis of buying a jogging stroller, and I can post family photos and keep a running record of Our Life At This Very Moment...and if you'd rather skip all that and just weigh in on Erin's choice of bridal makeup, you can go there instead.

(And if you're interested in my taste in both strollers and bronzers, you can read both! In fact, I hope that many of you will.)
**UPDATE: The Noon Guide blog will be up and running by January 1. A link to that site will be listed prominently on this one, so visit me in 2009!**

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