Monday, December 8, 2008

Party Like It's 2007

This past weekend, we went to our first party...and left Will with my parents! The feeling of liberation lasted for about half an hour before we found ourselves sitting in a corner, just me and Dave, talking about Will's different cries. We also did some impressions of those cries...and corrected each other on the exact tone of each one...and we were not bored. Then Dave said, "I really hope no one's listening to us right now," and we got our act together and made the most of our freedom for another few hours.

We had a fabulous time at Kim and AlRo's holiday bash. That's Kim with me in the above picture. The last time we posed together with me in that dress, Kim was wearing a black cowboy hat and a faux engagement ring the size of my head. (It was at my bachelorette party.) I have no idea why we forgot to take some pics of me and AlRo, too. Maybe because I spent the whole night reminiscing with her instead? (We were laughing about our summer-of-2000 cross-country road trip, and typing that just made me realize that I have now known my college friends for over ten years! That's unbelievable.)

The next one is a shot of me and Lauren, who was very proud of me for getting all gussied up and drinking champagne, even if it meant leaving her godson behind for a bit.

And now we go back in time to Friday, when Auntie Mel came over to meet Will. After she cooed over him for a while, I believe her exact words were: "Can I not go to work and just come over every day and watch One Tree Hill with you and the baby?" (Of course, if it were up to me, uh...YES, PLEASE!)

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