Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Four Months & Toddler Socks

I was hoping to post Will's four-month stats today, but alas, I had to cancel our pediatrician appointment due to the ugly and treacherous snowfall.

Here are my predictions for what tomorrow's rescheduled appointment will reveal:
  • sixteen pounds
  • 25.5 inches
  • he's probably teething (what with all the drool and the chewing)
  • it's time to start him on some rice cereal
  • his feet are reaching toddler proportions, you must buy him some new socks, for the love of Pete, folks, have some compassion for your afflicted offspring, and those Sasquatch feet cannot stay sausaged in socks meant for NORMAL BABIES, are you trying to cut off circulation or something?

In the meantime, happy fifth month, Will! You are a slobbery, chatty, bottle-guzzling, sleep-loving, smile-flashing aficionado of the upright position, and it's a total treat to spend every day with you.

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