Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year's Interview with William

Trying to write a wrap-up post about our trip to New Jersey for the holidays is like trying to pack ten days' worth of luggage for yourself, your husband and your baby and then force it into every corner of your car and driving for five hours. I would know.

(True story: for four hours on Christmas Day, I endured Packapalooza while watching the Duggars on TV. They are the old-school-values family of twenty whose lives are documented on the Discovery Health channel. TWENTY: as in, they have EIGHTEEN CHILDREN. Bless.)

So, instead of a disorganized jumble of holiday memories, I decided to interview Will and illustrate his responses with our photos.

J: Hello, William. That's a dashing onesie you're wearing. Tell me, how are you liking your fifteenth week on earth, and the first week of 2009?

W: I'm liking life quite a lot, thanks. [Drools.] In fact, no one ever seems to want to put me down. [Saliva pools in neck folds, on bib.] And that Christmas thing, that's an event, isn't it? I'll say it right now: I loved it. LOVED IT. Santa, too. I'd like to meet him.

J: OK, let's get to the meat of this interview, shall we?

W: Right-o.*

J: William, what was your favorite activity on vacation?

W: Staring at my teething ring. Final answer.*

J: And what was one of your favorite toys all that you received from your many family members?

W: That's a toughie! Auntie Cindy and her family gave me a steering wheel so I can practice driving and terrorize the town of Newton with the 700 noises it makes. Aunt Jen gave me my new best friend, a musical glowing seahorse that comes with me everywhere now...and she let me drive on her lap.

Uncle John & Aunt Jean gave me a basketball hoop that I'll use when I'm older. I'll have to decide soon, point guard or power forward? And of course my Grandmom and Grandpop filled my stocking with more things than my parents can count! I say my parents because the shameful truth is, I can't count, not at all. Not even to one. Yikes, right?

J: Indeed. Will, your father was born on Halloween. Do you have a propensity toward dressing up in costumes?

W: This being my first Christmas in existence, I thought I'd put on the ritz a little, sure. So I dressed up as Santa's Little Helper.

J: Compelling. Finally, which family member who met you on this vacation would you say you most resemble at this stage in your life?

W: caught me unprepared here. I guess if I just focus on the neck-up region, I've gotta say my dad's cousin Patrick:

Although my Uncle Scott's a close second.

* I don't know why I portrayed my son as a British man who makes outdated jokes about Who Wants to be a just sort of happened.

More photos to come when I can get my act together.

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