Friday, January 16, 2009


At last week's moms' class, our teacher told me that Will is probably ready for the following steps (or will be by the end of this month):
  • sitting in the high chair;
  • eating some solids (at four months old);
  • losing the snap-in carseat in favor of the infant-to-toddler one, which also means...
  • up the beloved Snap 'n' Go and using JUST THE REGULAR STROLLER!

I couldn't even imagine how that worked. Honestly, I thought we could use the Snap 'n' Go for as long as we wanted, and lugging him around in his carseat is totally second nature.

"But Joanna," my teacher kindly pointed out, "his legs are almost to the end of that carseat already, and carrying a kid who weighs as much as most nine-month-olds in a seat that's heavy to begin with...well, that's gonna take a toll on your back." I'm pretty sure she wanted to add a surreptitious "cuckoo" hand gesture, but she admirably refrained.

In preparation for these next steps, I hauled out the hand-me-down (but from my sister, so still very well-kept) convertible carseat, Will spends some play time in his high chair every day, I'm researching beginner baby foods (how to buy it cheaply and how to make it yourself)...but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how that stroller works if you're not just clicking the carseat into place. How do you elevate the back?!? And I just carry him out of the car and put him in a stroller? That's crazy talk!

Although I can't master these simple tasks (yet), Will seems to have mastered the moonwalk. Yesterday Dave was holding him on the dining room table in his favorite awake position (standing), and he started to slide his feet backwards, one at a time, in his best Jacko impersonation. (It should go without saying that this is the only Michael Jackson trait I'd like for Will to mimic. OK, and maybe his Jackson-5-era Afro, but with my bald eagle kid, I'm afraid that will remain a pipe dream.)

ANYWAY, I'll try to post the video sometime this weekend. And if my BIL KaiBob gets his updates together in time, there should be a new post over at TNG today where we can monitor his progress. I'm sure he'd love some motivational comments, too!

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