Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Right Angles

Witness Will's favorite sleeping position:

I swear, whether he's in my arms or his crib, he throws his head back so it's at this insane angle:

Today was our second Next Step class at Isis Maternity. I can't believe we're already talking about solids and standing and high chairs, and we're still (always) talking about sleep.

Will has adjusted beautifully to the crib. I had more trouble with it than he did, that much is clear. The awake time limit holds steady at 90 minutes; any longer than that and he goes directly to CODE RED rock-me-to-sleep-NOW-woman panic mode. Seriously, I've never seen someone go from smiling to bleary-eyed in ten seconds, and while it makes bedtime easier overall, Will's lightning-fast descent into flat-out fatigue can be a little hard to work with. I mean, how am I supposed to train the kid to put himself to sleep if he beats me to it?

I understand how lucky it is to have these problems as opposed to others, but when it's new territory it's all a bit sticky and tentative.

Fourteen weeks

But we get the hang of it after a while:

We've come a long way, baby boy.

Six weeks

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Kristoffer & Lisa said...

Love the Will update and the new pics. He is getting so big - ah! I've got to find me one of those cool chairs he is sitting in. Hope his transitioning gets better, but lucky you for having such a great sleeper! xoxo, Lis