Thursday, April 9, 2009

Five Foods

In honor of my recent trolling of the internet to find Easter feast recipes, I started making a list of all the foods I think I like but IN FACT, DO NOT LIKE AT ALL.

1. Muffins.

Whenever I go to Dunkin, I ignore the donuts and go straight for the muffins. They look so inviting and flavorful. I take one bite and am suddenly completely satiated, as if my muffin quota for the month has just been reached. Yes, I do like the crustier tops better than the rest of the muffin, which is just a hunk of bland mush to me. But one bite of the crust, and I'm done. And yet...I always order one. It's a waste of those wax paper bags, and I have to stop.

2. Caesar salad.

Actually, I honestly love Caesar salad, but most fall way short. There used to be a restaurant near my house in Coolidge Corner called Matt Garrett's, and the Caesar there was fabulous. Ditto the Caesar at the old Pizzeria Regina on Harvard street in Brookline. (Ashley and I used to split a half-pepperoni pizza and a Caesar, two Diet Cokes please--yes, Pepsi's fine, gawd, we always forget they only have Pepsi here blah blah.)

Bertucci's Caesar? Absolutely not. If I wanted a pile of old lettuce and over-peppered croutons with a bag of mayonnaise on the side, I would buy those three things at the grocery store, after which I would experience a wave of nausea at the sight of them and have to throw them away.

My sister's brother-in-law makes an awesome Caesar dressing that's barely even creamy and has lots of lemon and garlic in it, but I never make it the point where I once bought a shallot thinking it was garlic and started to "press" the shallot into the mixing bowl. But that was senior year of college, so I think I get one big GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. Right?

3. Soup.

I just crave it more than I like it. The end.

4. Red wine.

Never met one I truly enjoyed. Next!

5. Bananas.

Re-reading this list, I am realizing how odd this all sounds, and in turn, how odd I am. I am such a creeper, as Melissa would say. Who doesn't like soup or bananas? Or muffins? They are such innocuous foods.

Maybe that's the problem.

Anyway, with Will constantly testing different mashed concoctions (which by the way, isn't it so cool to think that when you're a mom you get to witness your child's FIRST EVER fill-in-the-food?), I'm so much more conscious of my own eating preferences.

Anyone else had a revelation that they're eating and ordering out of habit instead of true affinity?

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desperate housewife said...

I hate Doritos. All kinds. Everyone I've ever shared this with looks at me like I'm unAmerican.
Also, I noticed a few years ago that I almost ordered some kind of chicken sandwich or dish when we'd go out to eat, but that in actual fact, I MUCH prefer veal or beef. It wasn't until I was pregnant and chicken made me sick that I realized it, and I've never looked back. What do you know, steak is good! Even if it isn't the "girly" thing to order!