Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GiST, Easter Edition

Grandparents who live nearby. Uncles, aunts and cousins who come to visit, entertain, and even feed your baby. Easter at a church where everybody loves your kid and asks if you bringing him to his first holiday mass means "you're ready to get involved again with the young adults, and maybe you can lead an ARISE group this year?" (I love feeling needed and missed. As if you didn't know.) Pink polo shirts with flipped collars on baby boys. Stomping, pounding, baby-waking neighbors...because they remind me that some things aren't worth worrying about. A walk in the sunshine, alone with a sleeping infant in a stroller and my thoughts to keep me company. Finally: friends and relatives with great news...congratulations, Leah, on getting into Columbia's principal-in-training graduate school!

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Anonymous said...

Did Dave wear a clean shirt to church this time? How about his pants, get some of the million wrinkles out??