Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's the Little Things (and the big ones too)

ONE Align Left

Watching a six-month-old try to crawl and stand.


Washing sheets, covering duvets and planning meals
in preparation for a visit from family.


Getting fitted for a late-April wedding...
in a beautiful kelly green dress.


Playing "Where's mama? There she is!"
until your cheeks ache from all the laughter.


Talking to your best friends on the phone.
(Wishing you were talking to them in person--
and that you all lived next door to each other--
but feeling happy to be talking to them, period.)


Figuring out how to make time in life
for all the right things
with the help of your truly wonderful spouse.*


Watching the Twilight movie on demand.
Some things never change. :-)

* Does anyone else feel that the words for spouse--husband/wife/life partner, etc. are dangerously formal in a lot of contexts? Sometimes I just want to use the lifetime-commitment equivalent of "boyfriend," you know? Or maybe that's just me.

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