Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creepy Crawly

Will turned seven months old today! He also got his first tooth. (Can I get a "FINALLY" up in here?)

What else? He's blowing raspberries (that's a euphemism for projectile spitting) on everyone and everything. Cindy and Aunt Mary Ann assured me that it's a symptom of "pre-speech," so I'm going with that explanation. He loves to say "Goooooo" and "Gaaaaahhhh." That reminds me, I have to take video of him tomorrow before he moves on to the next consonant sounds!

He crawled on his belly throughout our long and wonderful road trip. When he wasn't strapped mercilessly into his carseat, that is. He can crawl a few paces on hands and knees, but then he slides onto his belly to complete the journey.

And mostly, Will just wants to walk. When he's on the floor and spots our hands in close proximity, he'll grunt and grab for them, use them to pull himself up to his knees, and then find his footing and start locomoting. The intensity...it reminds me of someone...someone I married, perhaps?

He could honestly do this all day, but it hurts my arms to support him so much--although I am developing some pretty fantastic bi- and triceps--so mainly I encourage him to "try crawling again, buddy!" No luck; upright it is!

I know I promised pictures from the christening last week, and now I also owe photos from Erin's beautiful, fun-filled wedding...but I'll have to wait until someone else sends them to me, because between my bridesmaid duties and Dave's Mr. Mom detail, we were left with only a few photo ops. The handful I have are of Erin getting ready, which are, um, not fit for viewing by the general public. (Matt, give me a shout when you're back from the honeymoon and I'll send them your way!)

It will probably take me until the end of this week to write anything coherent about these events (and our visit to the Ohio branch of the family tree), so bear with me. And enjoy this warm weather you're probably having, wherever you are.

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The Welsien Family said...

Will must look so cute with one tooth! Can't wait to see pictures!