Monday, February 16, 2009

Grace in Not-so-Small Things

1. Dave is on vacation. (Sort of...he is still working from home a little bit, but the way I look at it: if he can stay home with Will while I go to the grocery store on a Monday afternoon, he's ON VACATION--for my purposes, anyway.)

2. Will has four teeth (that we can feel) coming in; all four are on his UPPER gumline. No book or website will believe us, but it's true. There's not a whole lot of grace in all the drooling and whining, but I can say with all the foolishness and naivete of a first-time mama that it's kind of cool to see and feel this proof that Will is going to be a real person with real person teeth sometime soon.

3. Aforementioned almost-real-person-with-teeth is staying awake for longer stretches, and has been for almost a week now. While this means scrambling for extra wintertime activities to keep baby occupied (just waterboard me and get it over with already, 'kay?), it also means a hint of fewer naps to come, so that my day isn't broken into quite so many mini-chunks.

4. I'm already almost at my goal for the March of Dimes walk, thanks to my insanely generous family and friends, and I've taken advantage of Alro's passion for all things charitable and convinced her to walk with me on May 9. Three cheers for adult companionship!

5. Uncle John came to town for a track meet and managed a quick playdate with Will:

Gee, do you think Will had any fun at all with him?

6. I am no longer pregnant and therefore can actually take Nyquil when I get a fever & cold combo. (Although it worked the first night and then not at all thereafter. The point is, I was free to take whatever medicine I wanted. Huzzah etc.)

7. All of our wedding ceremony AND reception AND after-party AND honeymoon pictures are now available for your perusal in one giant photo album. And photos from Will's christening are in a gorgeous brag book my sister gave us. Now to finish that 2008 scrapbook. (Waterboarding? Anyone?)

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