Friday, February 27, 2009

Overgrown and Underwashed

One day before Will turns five months old, I have the following to say:

How does a person grow a few inches overnight?

Although he's been wearing one-year-old footie outfits for a couple of months now, they always dangled a bit on him. This week? Will is rocking the 12 month wardrobe. His feet, of course, fully press against the stitching of the actual "footie" fabric. No surprise there. But I can't believe his body is now long enough to fill out these one-pieces meant for someone at least four months older than he. 

I guess I keep expecting him to level off, and he does plateau for short periods of time, a couple of weeks even, but then it's back to Speedy Growth Spurt Baby. We won't have a six-month checkup until April 3, so who knows? Maybe Will is going to level off here and be at the 75th percentile still.

So I don't have a preference one way or the other. Big or small, it's just how he's supposed to develop. What I would prefer, though, is to be able to dress him in the adorable things people have given us for longer than one or two rotations. I'm now picking up 12-18 month sizes to hedge my bets, but there are some CUTE 9-month-old items that have been relegated to the "next baby" Rubbermaid container. 

Also, he may actually be getting some hair now. Either that, or the downy strands he's always had just look denser/darker/thicker because we haven't shampoo'ed his "hair" in...ages. Let's just say ages.

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