Monday, February 23, 2009

Small Things Monday

1. Hosting Kerry for American Idol.
2. Shopping at the outlets with Lauren.
3. Eating cheese puffs for dinner; quenching the resulting thirst with raspberry soda through a straw.
4. Listening to Will laugh when we startle him or growl "BUBBA!" while grabbing and tickling his feet.
5. Remembering to relax and enjoy, especially this past week. Coparenting is fun.
6. Eating chocolate chip cookies while the chocolate's still piping hot. (Husbands who bake are also fun.)
7. Making playdates with Will's best baby friend, Ryan (and his cool mom, Mo):

My mom's so desperate to hang out with your mom, it's nuts.

1 comment:

Kerry Mahoney said...

Adorable pic and I am overdue for an American Idol viewing visit! Hopefully next week (maybe we can use that fancy new DVR of yours because I'll be driving Christian to the airport on Tuesday night)...